A little about who I am, what I've done, and who's to blame.



I started as an artist making comedic and abstract figurines in the LA counter-culture scene way back in the big hair 80's. A regular fixture at the San Diego ComicCon, I was lucky enough to enjoy the patronage of my own favorite comic book creators, authors and TV stars, which eventually lured me into designing for movies and television. With a reputation for expedited problem solving I ended up an on-site designer on a crisis-ridden, billion dollar, all-robotic, indoor theme park in Japan... the very Hello Kitty amusement park that Japanese animation great Hayao Miyazaki hates and ridicules in film after film after film.

I've been an art and creative director in game and internet technologies for about twenty years now, having the odd honor of developing both the first "five star" American SEGA Genesis title and the last "five star" American SEGA Genesis title. I worked on two of the flagship products that fueled Broderbund's successful IPO, and was an early member of their industry-defining Living Books team.

I was the creative director for one of the first web design companies, and the first java developer, Dimension X. And when they were acquired I became the lead artist and acting creative director at Microsoft's Internet Multimedia Group, working on java, web, and 3D technologies. As one of the only actual creatives in Microsoft's IMG and Office group, I somehow ended up with full access to the secretive Advanced Technology Group, helped generate white-papers and multimedia standards for the W3C, and developed content for Microsoft partners such as  Paramount Pictures, NASA, INTEL and that other tech powerhouse, the Muppets.

As creative director for the interactive television pioneer MetaTV I designed award winning iTV sites, portals, applications and services for DirectTV, INTEL, Comcast, ATT, Pegasus, and Liberate, and created content used in South American, European and Japanese markets.

As art director for Sony Computer Entertainment America I designed and prototyped virtual worlds and services, introduced usability and user experience to the Playstation Line and did advanced demographic research on growing internet markets.

Currently, I'm working with industry legend Randel Reiss on new technologies for MMO and social games
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